G3 Expo 2014 Wrap

The G3Expo is a wrap and as coordinator of the Graphics, Gadgets, and Games or G3 Expo, I thought I’d share how it went.

The keynote session of the day!

This one-day event featured a Keynote, 15 breakout sessions, 5 exhibitors, and 3 contests.

Me welcoming attendees to the event.

As the coordinator, I was to prepare the schedule, manage our 20 volunteers and ensure our over 100 attendees had a good time.

A few days before the event the local new channel asked if I would take part in a short interview discussing what attendees could expect.

I must say event planning is both rewarding and very stressful!

This isn’t my first redo, I’ve put together events before, back in Oklahoma, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still freak out about it.

Me frantically running around the day of the event.

For example, the week before the event I kept having nightmares that I had missed the event completely.

Despite worries and constant checking of details, the event went off without a hitch.

I must admit that I wouldn’t have made it through the day or week for that matter without the help of my wonderful hubby. He was a tremendous help, from setup to tear down. He even agreed to do a presentation when one of my scheduled speakers canceled last-minute.

Here I am working with some volunteers.

I also got a lot of support from my colleagues, who assisted throughout the day of the event. For example, GIT professor Rion Huffman spent the day taking photos, including the ones highlighted in this post.

I have to give big thanks to my entire group student volunteers, who were at the event site bright and early at 7:00 am, arriving even before me.

Student volunteers managing registration

These guys helped with setup, managing registration, concessions and speaking session. When it was time to tear down they went right work and were done in no time!

Our speakers were amazing and our exhibitors grabbed a lot of attention.

Here I am speaking with one of our exhibitors, Sun Graphics.

Speaking of grabbing attention, our event made the local paper (read the story here ) as well as the local news.


Planning for this event started in September and since then it’s been one thing or another. There is a lot that goes into planning / coordinating an event from contacting speakers, securing exhibitors to requesting donations and sponsorship.

Then there’s the overseeing of all print and web materials, from the posters to website. Luckily I had some really talented students who designed great elements used at the event.

Signs and banners the students designed for the event

The event was a huge success and before the day was through all involved, from speakers to attendees were asking when next years will be held. I of course answered by handing them a Save the Date card for March 28, 2015.

While this year’s event is finally over and I’ve had a day or so rest, it’s now time to get started on next years event; in fact, I’m having a planning meeting tonight about it.

Akram Taghavi-Burris

Akram Taghavi-Burris is an award winning designer, an educator with over 15 years of experience in graphic arts and web design. Akram has an M.Ed. with an emphasis on Design Education and has been awarded several prestigious awards for her work such as the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award and, the Davinci Fellows Award for innovation in teaching. Currently, Akram teaches Computer Simulation and Gaming (Video Game Design) at the University of Tulsa. to life.

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