Graphics, Gadgets and Games (G3) Expo

Today I am proud to announce the first annual Graphics, Gadgets, and Games (G3) Expo, which will be held Saturday, March 29th.

So what exactly is the G3 Expo all about?

Graphics, Gadgets, and Games (G3) Expo is a one day conference that seeks to bring together students, educators, professionals, and enthusiasts in all areas of Graphics and Imaging Technologies and highlight the 4 State Areas as a creative outlet for these industries.

The mission of the G3 Expo is a nonprofit educational event dedicated to promoting input, manipulation, and output of “graphics, gadgets, and games”.

The overall purpose the G3 Expo is to provide a gathering for individuals to share their appreciation and foster awareness of the study and industry of graphics.

I’ve been working on preparing this event since last fall. I am the main coordinator for the event, however, a lot of the work for the event is being done by my student volunteers as a club activity. Since G3 Expo is right around the corner I expect to be even busier the next two month in preparation for this event.

Right now we have the exhibitor registration open and pretty soon we will have an online call for speaker submission. However, if you are interested in speaking on a topic related to graphics, gadgets or games, feel free to email your submission to speakers@g3x.psugit.com.

The event will take place at the Kansas Technology Center at Pittsburg State University, and admission is free, but we would like for attendees to pre-register.

Some of you might recall that when I taught in Oklahoma I coordinate the Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo and Multimedia Conference (OEGE).

For an idea of what to expect at the G3 Expo, please take a look at some OEGE 2010 photos.

OEGE 2010- Attendees ready to get started
OEGE 2009 Speaker sessions
OEGE 2010 Exhibitor’s hall
OEGE 2010 Nintendo Wii tournament
OEGE 2010 more games and gadgets


Akram Taghavi-Burris

Akram Taghavi-Burris is an award winning designer, an educator with over 15 years of experience in graphic arts and web design. Akram has an M.Ed. with an emphasis on Design Education and has been awarded several prestigious awards for her work such as the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award and, the Davinci Fellows Award for innovation in teaching. Currently, Akram teaches Computer Simulation and Gaming (Video Game Design) at the University of Tulsa. to life.

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